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In the newest episodes of The Creators Cast I chat with Chris Michaud. Chris is the moderator for Flip The Table, one of my all time favorite podcasts. His show focuses on retro, weird, and licensed games and is one of the best produced podcasts I’ve listened to. So if you’ve ever wanted to know what exactly it takes to make a podcast where in Sovient Russia, Table Flips You, then make sure you listen!

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There is a group of ten or so people in board gaming media who I now not only refer to as friends but they are also creators who I respect. Rodney Smith is one of those people. Rodney is known for his YouTube series Watch it Played. In it he teaches board games and then shows playthroughs of those games. He’s taught me more games than anyone else I know and since a lot of those have been games I’ve shot for clients, thats a HUGE HELP.

Watch it Played is Rodney’s full time job and he funds it yearly through an Indie GoGo campaign. Right now he’s trying to make enough to cover the coming season’s expenses. To do so he’s got a bunch of awesome promos up for grabs and an exclusive version of the 2016 Gaming Calendar! So if you missed my Kickstarter earlier this summer then here is your chance to get a copy.

Head over to Rodney’s IndieGoGo now!

Bacon, eggs, & grits is a breakfast staple in our house, but every now and then we like to switch it up and do shrimp and grits for dinner.

This particularly batch was inspired by Rodney Smith of Watch it Played. I showed Lisa a photo of Rodney with Mary of Rolling Dice & Taking Names where he was trying grits for the first time. Lisa & I were very disappointed that there was no shrimp on his grits. So this photo is dedicated to you Rodney!