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Today’s Chat:
Matt Leacock is a board game designer known for Pandemic, Roll through the Ages, Pandemic: The Cure, and Thunderbirds. He’s here to talk about how he broke into the gaming industry and what it was like to co-design Pandemic Legacy with designer Rob Daviau.

To learn more about Matt head over to http://www.leacock.com/

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Genie vs. Djinn the third book in my Zimmah Chronicles series is out! For the time being this is the final book in the series so now is the perfect time to jump in and read the books!

Buy it Now!

Here is a quick description:

  • The chaotic magic of hundreds of djinn are destroying San Francisco. Dinosaurs. Butterfly volcanos. Buildings made of Jello– If someone can wish it, it’s happening. Unable to access his own powers, Zimmah, must rely on Karim and Whitney’s help. Standing in their way is Alkema, Zimmah’s murderous father, an almost omnipotent djinn who enjoys watching the suffering of others. If not stopped he will not only destroy the city, but plunge the entire world into total madness.

You can pick up the book on Amazon and it will also be out soon on iTunes, Kobo, and Nook.

I’m heading out of town for BGG.Con! The convention runs from the 18th to the 22nd but on Wednesday the 18th, opening day, I’ll have a booth. I’m bringing calendars, my books, and a few other cool things. So if you are in Dallas or going to the convention make sure you stop by.

IMG_3522-Edit-2-Edit copy
This is Bear Mountain in New York. We visited it during our trip in 2012 and this is another one of those old photos I finally decided to process. Lisa used to live about twenty minutes away from the mountain and visited it a bunch so it was important to her to show it to me.

What I thought was really cool (other than it being gorgeous) was that I’ve seen it in multiple episodes of The Good Wife and if you follow me on twitter then you should know that I LOVE The Good Wife. One of the best written shows on TV. So good and I got to see where they shot several episodes!