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Creators Cast: Kevin Tumlinson!

Author and podcaster Kevin Tumlinson, aka The Wordslinger, joins the show to talk about how he turned writing into a full time career. To learn more about Kevin visit his site at: http://kevintumlinson.com/


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Da Brazza Monkey!

Saw this little guy two weeks ago at the Houston Zoo. His name is Flint and he is a Da Brazza Monkey.

At first, Flint stared at me and seemed weirded out by my camera’s shutter noise. I didn’t want to scare him, so I ducked behind a sign. As soon as I hid, he leaned all the way into the netting, and looked around trying to find me.

Things quickly evolved into a game of Peek-a-Poo. He was super cute the whole time and seemed equally upset when I ducked away and startled when I popped back.

Zimmah Chronicles Boxset Audiobook!

The audiobook collecting the Zimmah Chronicles boxset is out!

Get it here:

The boxset is all three books, plus the bonus epilogue and clocks in at almost ten hours!