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Caterpillars & Butterflies!

Last spring, Lisa and I put together a butterfly garden. We saw some swallowtails, some rice papers, some blue waves, and a bunch of others. However we had tons and tons of monarchs who not only visited the flowers but laid eggs.

What I’m Creating in 2016!

Magera small
My next big project is a series called Dragon Lotus. The map you see above this post is the map that I made to go with the series. In the books there are dragons, magic, and its a full on epic fantasy adventure! January was pretty much all about wrapping up the 2nd draft of book 1. I’m in the middle of re-writes now and my plan is to release books 1, 2, and 3 in early fall, all together.

Creators Cast: Scott Nicholson!

Today’s Chat:

Scott Nicholson is a game designers, college professor, and the director of the Brantford Game Network game lab at the Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario. To learn more about Scott head over to: http://scottnicholson.com/

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Radho Runs Through the 2016 Gaming Calendar!

Little known secret about Rahdo… I LOVE his videos. I used to rely on people like Rodney or Tom to teach me games, but now I get some games MONTHS before they do. Luckily Radho gets lots of prototypes and as a result he has taught me lots of games, including Aquasphere, which is mentioned in the video!

Merry Holidays!

HW Holiday Card 2015small

No matter what your religion or nationality, I hope you get to spend the last few weeks of the year with friends and loved ones. Even more I hope 2016 becomes a kick-butt year for you. Merry Holidays from me and the whole Holiday Wars team!