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After & Before: California Raisins

I did a photo-shoot a few weeks ago in Annapolis and afterwards I hung around to do some Christmas shopping. One of the stores I went into was a high end jewelry store and in a little hole in the wall they had the California Raisins. It was the most randomest thing in the world and I of course had to snag a photo of it.

  • 40mm
  • 5.6
  • 1/60th
  • ISO 1600

In Lightroom I made basic adjustments and bumped up the shadows. Then I brought the photo into OnOne’s Perfect Effects 4 for stylization. Stylizing and Food Photography are two things I’ve wanted to get better at so I expect a lot of these posts will focus on using Perfect Effects or Topaz Adjust.

Once in Perfect Effect’s 4 I added Red & Goddess Grunge, but masked out the raisins because I only wanted the effects to effect the bricks. When I got back to Lightroom I also used the adjustment brush to paint a slightly cooler tone on the Raisins so that they’d pop slightly compared to the brick.