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Chocolate Chip Pancakes!

For this shoot I actually tried to do a mini set-up. I carried an old coffee table of ours outside and put it on our front steps. It’s super cloudy today, which is why the light looks so nice and diffused.

Once I knew where I was going to set-up, I cooked the food. I made every pancake by itself so that I could get it the perfect brown. Then for the pancake that’s on the top I added extra chocolate chips so that they would be visible. To get the pancakes fluffy, I whipped up extra egg whites and added them to the mix. The recipe I used was: Pancake Recipe: 2 cups of Bisquick, 1 cup of milk, 2 eggs, 2 reallyyyy beaten egg whites, & chocolate chips.

I think the photo looks pretty good for my first “real” attempt at styling food. There are some problems though. I should have gotten my girlfriend to pour the syrup. Looking through the lens and pouring at the same time was hard and as a result I ended up pouring more syrup on the backside of the pancakes instead of the front. I had realllyyyy wanted to see the syrup trickle down the front like a waterfall. Another problem is the layout of the pancakes. The pile is way lopsided. I should’ve stacked them better & maybe have added a few more so they were higher than the egg.

This is the last food photo that I’m taking on my own. Starting today I’m reading Nicole Young’s “Food Photography” book and then I have three others picked-out after that. Hopefully by the end of this experiment my food photography won’t suck.