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Memory Has Gotten CHEAP!

One of the excuses my students give me all the time is “My memory card was full so I didn’t take more photos.” It’s a grabage excuse because there is no reason now a days not to have more memory. Memory is dirt cheap!

You can get name brand fast quality SD cards for less than $1 per gig. Quickly scanning on Amazon there is a 32 gig SD cards for $31.81. So there is no reason not to have another card. Personally I have two  64 gig cards that are class 10 45mb/s. Then I have two 32 gb and two 16gbs. It sounds like overkill but when I go on vacation or out of town for work that much memory can become really handy.

Of course it’s not just memory cards that have gotten cheap. So has ram for computers. If you’re rig has been running like a slug look into upgrading the ram. I’m working with a 2010 iMac and for only $36 bucks I went from 4 gigs of ram that would struggle in Lightroom, After Effects, and Premiere Pro to 16 gigs of ram that works like lightning. Just make sure you do a real google search so that you can get the right kind of ram for your system. If you buy the wrong kind it will either not go in right or could damage things.