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My Problem With Instagram

Derrick Story of The Digital Story recently did a contest giveaway and to enter the contest you had to sign-up for Instagram.  I did and was excited because I’ve been meaning to check-out Instagram.

Well after a week and a half I’m fully convinced that I hate it. It’s not the weird effects. I can stomach those and sometimes they are just fun anyway. Not all photos need to be Art with a capital “A.”

My first problem with Instagram isn’t Instagram’s fault. It’s my cell phones. I have a crappy cell phone. I have a Droid 3 and it’s camera is garbage (I’m getting the iPhone 5 in March!). Because I’m using a bad camera my pics always look like junk. Then when you add an Instagram filter they are noise filled dark messes.

My second problem with Instagram is that it only works on cell phones! If I could take a picture with another camera and use my computer to upload it, that would be great. As is though they don’t have a real web interface on their site. I can’t even comment or check out other profiles through my computer. I can ONLY do those things on my phone. Through some quick googling I discovered a few plugins that allows a person to use their browser as if it were a cell phone but they are clunky, ugly, and small. There’s no reason why Instagram shouldn’t work on the web especially since Facebook owns it now.

So needless to say you won’t be seeing me on Instagram. Though I am on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Youtube and Pinterest!