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After & Before: Joysticks

Today’s photo was taken at the Annapolis Comic-Con. I went back in October and it was an awesome family friendly show. I actually sold almost as many books their as I did at Baltimore!

  • 50mm
  • 1.8
  • 1/60th
  • ISO 100

For this photo I really wanted to emphasize the ball with post processing stylization.  Mostly because in the original photo I had already made the ball the focus with a shallow depth of field.

I processed the picture lightly in Lightroom 4 and then took it over to OnOne’s Perfect Effects 4. Inside there I added a light Goddess Grunge, but masked out the ball. Then I used a heavier Deep Forest on the ball to really bring out the shine and the red.

I know I could have gone in a much heavier direction with the stylization in Perfect Effects 4, but I personally think there is a thin line between stylized and over stylized and since I’m still learning my way I figured less is better than more.