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Nothing But Candy Cane Blossoms!

Because I wasn’t all too happy with my first attempt of taking a photo of the Candy Cane Blossoms I decided to do another shot.

In this case I scrapped all the Food Photography skills I’ve been trying to work on, styling, set-up, plating, and all that jazz. I decided to just focus on just the cookies.

What I did was take the tupperware filled with the cookies and held it underneath my softbox. That’s it! So no fanciness with reflectors or anything else.

Once the lights were taking care of I re-arranged the cookies in their tupperware so it was mostly red on the right and green on the left. Then I pulled out one of the multi-color ones and set it up on the lower left to use as my focal point.

Overal I’m happy with how this came out, but at the end of the day I feel like I cheated. The point of me doing food photography is to work on the things I suck like plating and stylizing. I guess I’ve been feeling frustrated so I just wanted to take one nice photo.