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Writing Week!

Just FYI I’ve been swamped getting a secret project done. Well not too secret. Basically “Finish The Script!” which I’ll be posting more about soon, is going to have a fiction companion¬†component¬†and I’ve been trying to get the first draft of that done. It’s a full screenplay and even though I only started it last Thursday I’m already up to page 65 (I’ve been planning it for a month so it’s not like I’m just pulling it out of my butt)! My plan is to get the first draft done this week.

It sounds crazy but I normally crank out first drafts in 7 to 10 days and then will spend one to two months doing rewrites. But it is important that I get it done this week because I’m a college proffesor and my spring semester of classes starts next week. Once that happens I’ll have a lot less free time for creative things. So don’t be shocked if the blog is very quiet this week. Things should pick up again once I’m back in school and out of writer-mode.