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Food Photography: Cashew Chicken!

I asked what food I should try to photograph next and Jared one of my longtime “Holiday Wars” fans said I should make the Cashew Chicken recipe described in this Youtube video by Dodger Leigh. I did slightly change what she had. I added water chestnuts and seasonings like ginger, garlic, and salt, but the core of the recipe is hers.

I decided to put the Cashew Chicken over wild rice because the browns and blacks would give it more texture than if I had only used solid white or solid brown rice. Color was a big issue. That’s why I added the asparagus when plating the dish. I also sprinkled some fresh chopped onions on top to keep it from looking all brown.

For lighting, I shot this in front of my soft box with a reflector, so nothing too fancy.

Here is a bird-eye shot: