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Food Photography: Mussels!

Last week I went clamming and only caught one clam, but I did end up with almost two dozen mussels. So of course I had to bring them home, steam them up, and shoot them!

I got my butt kicked with the mussels. I’ve been doing a lot of white backgrounds with my food photography because I don’t have colored dishes or table clothes to make nice looking set-ups. So I reallyyyyyy wanted to add some color into the mussels picture, particularly I thought blue would look really nice in contrast to the orange mussels.

So I bought a blue bowl and tried a bunch of shots and none of them looked good. I also tried using a blue pillow case to set the bowl on and it also looked bad. I tried swapping in lemons, chopped garlic, and other garnishes, but none worked. That’s when I gave up and resorted to the black bowl with a white background.

This is shot in front of my softbox with reflectors in the front.