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Happy Birthday Edit!

This is Edit, our cat. Her birthday is today and she just turned six!

I had Edit two years before I even met Lisa so she’s kind of my baby. Since we started dating I adopted Lisa’s dog Winchell and we also got a cat together named Story and another dog named Page.

Even though Edit is the smallest one of all our animals she’s the smartest and totally rules the house. We often refer to her as Edit-Cop because she keeps everyone else in line. For example, if she feels I’m being a bully and wrestling too hard with the dogs she’ll bite me in the butt to tell me to be nice. She does it a gentle way that’s more of a warning then an actual bite. She’s never drawn blood or hurt me. It is however startling because she’s like a ninja and it comes out of nowhere!

If our other cat Story is being hyper and scratches anyone (Story can’t control her claws right) Edit will jump in and get between her and whomever she accidentally scratched. Edit will even jump in and yell at me if I’m singing too loud cause apparently my singing bothers her. She particularly hates if I sing Rebecca Black, Carly Rae Jepsen, or Christmas songs.

So yeah that’s Edit. She’s my baby girl!