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Food Photography: Grilled Corn!

For Memorial Day we were in New Jersey spending time with Lisa’s family and it quickly led to an impromptu cookout. The most exciting aspect was that no one in her family had heard of grilling corn. The only way they new to eat it was boiled, which is so odd because here in MD/DE all we do is steam or grill corn. So what I did was wrap the corn in aluminum foil and put it on the top shelf of the grill. When done it came out looking gorgeous.

For the photo, I shot this on a deck railing and then kept the depth of field super small to blur out the other food and to give the background that soft creamy look. It was important to me to really focused on the grilled bits of the corn.

The lighting was simple. It was bright and sunny so I had Lisa hold up a cookie sheet to block the direct sunlight from hitting the plate, thus giving the food a nice and even diffused look.