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On the Road to Origins!

Next week is the Origins Game Fair! I’m heading out this weekend and will be gone for 10 days. It’s the longest I’ve been away from home EVER.

I won’t be able to process any of my DSLR pics while I’m on the road (we are stopping in the mountains and visiting some cool caves on the way and I hope to get some cool shots of Columbus, OH) but I’ll have my cell phone and will be updating with tons of pics of board games on both Twitter and Google+. So hit me up there because the blog will be quiet until I get back.

Above is a photo of Defenders of the Realm. It’s a large co-op game where the players work together to defeat four evil general and all their minions. I bought a copy two months ago and still haven’t been able to beat it! Rumor has it that the game’s designer Richard Launius  loves to play at conventions so maybe I can jump in on a game with him and he can give me some tips.