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Out and About in Columbus!

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Out and About in Columbus!
I like to travel and thus when I was attending the Origins Game Fair in Columbus I did my best to get an idea of what the town was like. The photo above is the skyline of downtown from across the river, near the science center.

This is a shot of the downtown area from North Bank Park.
This is a day time photo from the same location. It goes to show you just how much of a difference the time of day makes.
One of the rail road bridges that lead into the city. The track actually goes straight to the convention center.
Near downtown there was this crazy torch arch thingy. I never did find out what it was.
One day I took the morning off from the convention and walked down to the square in the center of town. There was a really nice bistro and coffee shop a block away!
I also took an hour and did a tour of the old Statehouse.
The ceiling of the rotunda in the Statehouse.
This life size bust of Abraham Lincoln in the Statehouse is said to be the most realistic depiction of Lincoln. After modeling for it, he himself said so.
The back half of the Statehouse was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately I didn’t have a wide enough lens to really get the full scope. You’d really need a low 14mm or fisheye to get a shot of it all.
This Griffin looking thing was some sort of seal that they had in the old catacombs underneath the Statehouse.
I know it’s dorky but I thought this was so cool and it stinks that the lighting and set-up was bad so that I couldn’t get a decent photo of it. This is a map of Ohio’s counties with each county made of a different rocks and the cool thing is that the actually rocks in the map were shipped in from each of the counties!
Other places I also enjoyed around town were the North Market which had yummy food and lots of cool stuff to see and Goodale Park which was only about a half mile from the hotel and was a good place to go walk in the mornings.

If I end up going to Origins again, I definitely want to hit up German Town. It’s a section near the south side of the city that has an old timey look with lots of shops and restaurants. Not only do I think I could get a lot of great pics there but I simply think it would be a fun area to checkout. I also really wanted to do the Science Center and the Zoo but both were things I’d want to do with Lisa and since she wasn’t there I decided to skip them, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about both.