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Pixel Lincoln!

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Pixel Lincoln!
If you remember, Pixel Lincoln was the game I most wanted to play and checkout at the Origins Game Fair, but unfortunately for me, only Kickstarter Backers could get it. However, lucky for me, I know a guy and have since gotten my hands on a copy!

The first thing you have to notice about Pixel Lincoln is that the game is gorgeous. The art direction and graphic design are beautiful.

IMG_4113 In the vein of old video school games, Pixel Lincoln is a side scrolling deckbuilder. Which means your Lincoln meeple will constantly move across the board from right to left as if he were walking through a video game. As he he moves forward, the cards on the board will scroll and move with him. It’s a neat mechanic that I’ve never seen before and thematically it really helps get across that feeling that you are in fact playing a retro game.


The gameplay itself was fun and quick and worked simular to other deck builders. You draw five cards and then use the abilities on those cards to either fight monsters or to buy new cards.

Tying in with the theme, the most appealing aspect of Pixel Lincoln is it’s humor. The game is wacky and hilarious. For example, Lincoln’s primarily starting weapons is a boomerang made from his beard. Then depending on what cards you add to your deck he may also be able to fight off bad guys with sausage links or even boxing gloves.


The enemies are just as silly as the weapons. There are multiple luchadores, puking turtles, laser sharks, exploding pigeons, and even crazier stuff!


I really enjoyed Pixel Lincoln and have not only played it again with friends, but I have also tried it solo. It’s light, it makes a good filler game, and it is something to put on the table when you simply want to have some breezy fun.