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Carnival Dice
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When I was at Origins I attended over a dozen events and of those only two of them actually happened (most of the time they were canceled because the person who was supposed to run them didn’t show up). One of the events was doing a three hour marathon of Star Trek Attack Wing, which I’ll write-up soon, but the other was competing in the 2013 Carnival World Championship!

Carnival is a 2 to 4 player game put out by Dice Hate Me. The goal of the game is to build an amusement park by playing cards to add seats, lights, and other pieces to various rides. The first person to build four rides wins.

All in all it was a fun experience. I guess the biggest surprise I had when playing in the tournament is that people are SERIOUS in tournaments. I was there to have fun and didn’t care if I won or not. Yet they were hardcore and you had to shuffle a specific way and if you didn’t let your opponent cut the deck it was a big no-no. I had no idea and was out of my league.

In the first round of the tournament, I slaughtered my opponent. I took some risky moves and the game was over in a matter of rounds. It totally caught the guy off guard too because I wasn’t as confident about the rules as I should’ve been and when I won I had to ask him if what I did was allowed and he scratched his head and said, “Dang, you did just win.”

Karma got her payback though because in round two I got hit fairly hard at the start of the game and sort of limped my way through the rest of it. When I beat my opponent in the first round it was merciful. What the guy did to me in round two was cruel. I really had no chance to win and was no better off than an injured mouse being played with by a cat.

IMG_3259 The guy who beat me went to the finals and ended up wining. You can see him playing in the photo above. He scored himself a copy of the game and the coveted $50 prize!