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Broccoli Balls!

These are Broccoli Balls, a fried concoction my father created and sold at our family’s restaurant The King’s Pub. They are a mix of broccoli, cheeses, some secret ingredients and HAVE be served with a homemade pepper parmesan sauce!

My dad and I were really close. I even made a graphic novel about him! And other than yours truly (and my sister) Broccoli Balls are the biggest legacy he left behind. So not only are they absolutely delicious but there is something sentimental about them too.

When growing up, I got in trouble ALL THE TIME. It’s not that I did anything really serious. It was more because I had a habit of talking back and getting into random mischief. As punishment, my dad often  sent me down to the kitchen of the restaurant and I would have to make a batch of broccoli balls.

So as we prepare to move to Texas, one of the things I’ve been doing is cleaning out food from the freezer and so I was happy to find a batch of broccoli balls (they hold up for a good 6-8 months). They are super rare because other than myself I think only my sister has the REAL recipe for them and she’s a bad cook. Dad was sneaky and apparently he would share the recipe with other people but it was always a fake recipe and never the legit one. I wonder if that’s where I get my sneaky side from?