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Missing Home!

Ocean City PierThis is the pier in Ocean City, Maryland. All summer long I made sure I visited all my favorite places at home so that when we moved I’d have nice photos to remember them by. I actually shot this one while Lisa was down in Texas doing her initial job interview. So it’s kind of weird to be posting it while I’m sitting in a hotel in Texas!

We moved to the Lake Jackson area of Texas. It’s about 10 minutes from the gulf coast and about an hour south of Houston. So far it feels like a weird vacation because we are still living out of a hotel. The town is booming. Dow, BASAF, and other major chemical companies have huge city-size plants here. There is large growth and multiple plants are expanding so there are over 4,000 contractors in town, which has caused finding a house to rent a major problem.

There are houses available but because we have four pets (2 cats & 2 dogs) and because I’m highly allergic to smoke (which means it needs to be a house that was never smoked in) we are having problems. Fingers crossed we will know something soon, but until then it’s the Hotel Life for us. On the plus side we are out of the sketchy motel and in a nice extended stay place which means I have a steady internet connection again.