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Summoner Wars!

IMG_1161-Edit Summoner Wars, from Plaid Hat Games, has quickly become a modern day classic. If it’s not in your game library, it should be.

IMG_1195-Edit I’ve had the iOS version of the game on my phone for months. I played it several times and thought it was OK. Then I got a copy of the physical game and holy crap it’s a million times more enjoyable.

IMG_1232-Edit Summoner Wars is a tactile card battle game where you are moving units on a grid as they fight other units. I can’t explain why, but moving those cards around on the physical board is so much more fun and engaging then doing so in the app.

The board, which is included in the Master Set of the game is sturdy and gorgeous. In fact it’s so big and nice I had trouble fitting the whole thing onto my regular photography table.

The Master Set comes with six summoners. If you aren’t familiar with the game, then think of it like chess where the Summoner is your King. If your King dies in chess you lose and the same thing goes with Summoner Wars. If your summoner dies, then it’s game over.

What’s really exciting is that each summoner has a unique deck, that plays completely different so between what comes in the base game and all the expansions you have hundreds of games you can play where each will feel totally different and unique. ¬†Plus if you are a big fan of meta gaming then you can also buy the reinforcement packs to tweak and enhance the starting decks.

IMG_1246-Edit Even though I’m new to it, I already consider myself a big fan of Summoner Wars and I’m super excited about their new Second Summoner Expansions, which are supposed to release sometime this fall.