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Sentinels of the Multiverse!

Sentinels of the Multiverse Sentinels of the Multiverse from Greater Than Games is one of my all time favorite games. It may in fact be my all time favorite game.

When we moved from Delaware to Texas last month it was the only large box game that came with us because I didn’t trust the movers with it. I have almost all the promos and I was terrified that the movers would some how ruin or lose it.

Sentinels is a co-op game where each player plays as a super hero and as a team you are trying to defeat a super villain. Depending on the villain you are fighting the games range from super easy to absolute brutal. It’s nice because if you are playing with new players you go against someone easy. If you are playing with vetrans or are doing a big solo game then you can try to take on someone who will make you cry.

Once I get caught up on review copies I really want to do a full Sentinels of the Multiverse Photoshoot, but until then, consider this photo a teaser of what’s to come!