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About Game Reviews!

games I don’t think of myself as a game reviewer and I don’t want the posts that appear on my website to be seen as such so from this point on I’m going to start calling my write-ups “game previews.”

Doing game reviews is a borderline thankless job that puts people in a no win situation. No matter what your personal opinions are, gamers will say that your reviews are too soft or too harsh. Then if you ever bash a game that honestly deserves it there is the chance you could anger a publisher who will then no longer be willing to send you review copies or who will bash you to other publishers. There is a lot of drama and I’d rather not deal with any of it.

The posts I put here on my site are more along the lines of game previews or overviews. I worked as newspaper reporter between college and grad school and as a result I try to structure game write-ups more like a feature news article, which is where the original idea to include quotes from designers came from. So for now on when I do my write ups they will have “Preview” at the end of the title just to make it clear what I’m offering.

On a side note, I have a stack of 13 games waiting to be photographed so expect a lot of game previews in the near future!