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Cardboard Jungle Cityscape!

CBJ CityscapeDone
I shot this last week for the Cardboard Jungle Podcast and they are now using it on their website!

Basically they came to me with the idea of shooting a city skyline made out of boxes. I did a test run at home using a card table and a bunch of games, and then I went to the beach and shot the photo there.

In post I mirrored the image because it wasn’t the right dimensions for their masthead and  I added the moon (which is one of my own photos) because they were worried that the night sky was too starry. The space at the bottom was left open for their logo and for wiggle room in getting it to be the right size for their website.

All in all I’m happy with how it turned out. It was a very different exercise from the kind of work I usually do for a client.