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The Kelby World Wide Photo Walk!

Don’t know what a photowalk is? Then watch the video above where Scott Kelby explains it.

I participated in the photowalk last year and it was really cool. I got up at six in the morning, drove to the beach and walked around Cape Henlopen State Park (Delaware) with a bunch of cool people.

I had so much fun, that I’m doing it again this year in Lake Jackson, Texas. The walk is next Saturday and chances are there is a photowalk near you. To find-out, simply visit here and check. The best part of the photowalk is that although it’s advertised as a contest it’s not really about that. It’s more about meeting people and being social. So if you are looking to make some photography friends doing a photowalk is an awesome way to go about it.

Note: You also don’t need a fancy camera to participate. I saw several people last year use their phones!