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Holiday Wars: Slapfest Print & Play!

slugfest unpub
Since last summer we’ve been developing a Holiday Wars game called Slugfest. The alpha prototype hit up multiple play testers in different states and in the past week I made the beta prototype. My goal is to make another round of tweaks before showing it off at BGG Con next month.

You can help me get the game ready by play testing Slapfest, the micro-version of Slugfest! Simply visit here and download the PnP (Print & Play) file. Slapfest uses less components and is about twenty minutes faster, but the core mechanics are the same. So any feedback you can give me for Slapfest could really help out with Slugfest. To submit feedback, all you have to do is return to the Unpub site and click that giant button that says “Record Feedback.” It’s all online and no registration is required!

Note: This is an unfinished prototype so there will still be some bumps and hiccups, but that’s the whole point of play testing!