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Flip The Table Live Podcast!

I did a lot of stuff and saw a lot of cool things when I was at BoardGameGeek.Con, but the one event that was my absolute favorite was the live recording of Flip The Table!

The live show featured special guest Eric Summerer, a voice actor/book narrator who is known for his work on The Dice Tower.

Guest hosts don’t always work out. Sometimes it’s bad chemistry and sometimes personalities simply clash, but Eric fit in soooo right with Flip the Table’s Chris & Flip that you would’ve thought he was a regular on the show. Constantly throughout the live recording they were all jiving and riffing off each other. All of which was wholesome and fun.


Flip The Table is the weirdest podcast I’ve ever listened to. I had heard about it sometime in May or June, but it wasn’t until late September until I finally gave it a try. I knew going into it that the cast plays old/weird games and then talks about them. I never thought it would be anything good or special, but oooohhhh man I was wrong!

Although Flip the Table sounds like it might be boring, it’s fantastic. For starters, it’s one of the best produced podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Their audio is always clean and it’s more than obvious that the crew spends a fair amount of time editing and tweaking each episode. That’s important because it means there is very rarely any down time. If something is slow or boring it’s cut before you even get a chance to listen to it.

The other achievement of Flip the Table is that’s funny. At the live recording, you would’ve thought we were at a comedy show because the audience was laughing from start to finish. Even when I’m alone in the car or listening to an episode with Lisa, both of us crack up uncontrollably. The cast of the show isn’t out for fame or glory. They just want to play board games and have fun and somehow that sense of fun is imbued each episode.


In addition to Eric, the other surprise guest of the show was Daisy the Dalek, a balloon creation Flip whipped up in honor of both the live recording and the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who.

Seriously, the Flip the Table live recording was a blast and if you’ve never given Flip The Table a try now is the time because the BGG.Con episode is a great jumping on point!