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Custom Star Trek Attack Wing Tokens & Templates!


I love upgrading a game’s components and making it feel special by giving it that extra pizzaz so when I got my hands on Daft Concepts’ laser cut template and tokens for Star Trek Attack Wing I was in love.

Daft Concepts launched a Kickstarter to fund the templates. A base set includes the range finder, the maneuver templates, two ship markers and a ninety degrees firing arc piece, all of which you can see on the left side of the photo above.

In addition, they also have a humungous add-on that consists of getting ninety additional tokens…

  • 16 Shield Active Tokens
  • 16 Shield Disabled Tokens
  • 16 Disabled Tokens
  • 8 Evade Tokens
  • 8 Target Lock Tokens (in two colors)
  • 8 Cloak Tokens (in two colors)
  • 6 AUX Tokens
  • 4 Critical Hit Tokens
  • 4 Scan Tokens
  • 4 Battle Station Tokens


From the matches I’ve played with them, the token set easily has enough for running a four ship fleet, which is what the token count is designed. Though I’ve played games where both myself and another player were able to run three ship fleets and never run out of tokens. So the versatility and milage you get from a single set will depend upon your play style and the ships you use.

The acrylic set that I was sent was neon green which looks gorgeous on a black playmate. They almost glow, and are impossible to forget or miss when in the heat of the battle.

Although I’m partial to the green, Daft Concepts is also offering red, orange, blue, and yellow sets. They also have a wooden version and a limited edition mirrored acrylic that has a chrome space-looking feel.
Beyond how pretty the upgrade components look they actually improve gameplay in ways I would’ve never guessed. For example, the punchboard maneuver templates that come in the game are functional. They do the job that they were meant to do, but the slightest bump or jostle can knock them out of place and unless you have the nimble dexterity of a surgeon its impossible to play a full game without miss placing them.

That problem doesn’t occur when using the acrylic set because the pieces are thicker and have more weight. They stay in place better on their own and they are nearly immovable when a single finger holds them in place. Now that I have them, I don’t want to ever play a match of Attack Wing without them. They make that much of a difference!
Similarly, the weight of the tokens is fantastic. When you put them on a ship base or beside a ship, they stay where you put them. Plus the added thickness of the acrylic over the punchboard makes them easy to handle and pick-up.
Since getting the upgrade components, I’ve played multiple matches and even took them to BoardGameGeek.Con. The most undeniable fact is that there is a coolness factor about them. When you pull them out it draws attention and everyone wants to inspect them and wants to know where they can get them.

Even when they are in a boring place like the huge Plano tackle box that I use to store my Attack Wing stuff they still somehow manage to look cool!

If you are a fan of Attack Wing you really can’t go wrong with Daft Concept’s custom maneuver templates and tokens. They are gorgeous, functional, and improve gameplay.

So make sure you head over to Kickstarter and pick up a copy for yourself!