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“Finish The Script!” The Audiobook!

The audiobook for “Finish the Script!” is now available on Audible. To get it simply go here.

In a few days the ¬†audiobook will show up on both Amazon and iTunes. Though you should really consider getting it from Audible because¬†Audible is THE PLACE for audiobooks. Plus they offer a free trial and if you’ve never been a member you can sign up and then get “Finish the Script!” for FREE.

I listened to the audiobook last month and was floored by it. Voice actor extraordinaire, Eric Michael Summerer, reads it and he did a fantastic job. Throughout the book are cut scenes from a screenplay and having someone with Eric’s skill level was important because he had to balance the actual voice acting along with the traditional narrating. It wasn’t an easy task and Eric nailed it.

I’m really happy with how the audibook turned out and I think a bunch of you are really going to enjoy it.