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Battleship Texas!

On the weekends we have been trying to explore Texas, specifically the Houston area. We’ve done the zoo and cool neighborhoods in the city, but one of the neatest things we’ve seen so far is the Battleship Texas.

The ship is a retired battleship and the only surviving ship to have fought in World War I & II. What was so neat about the ship is that it’s pretty much free reign. You get to explore and climb pretty deep into it. Plus last year we did a tour of a submarine in Pittsburg so it was interesting to see just how much roomier a battleship is. I think the next war-boat we visit is going to have to be an aircraft carrier.  Lucky for us there is one less than two hours away in Corpus Christi.

When we went they were re-painting the deck and the walkway leading to the ship so I definitely want to visit again, right at sunrise and get some nice exterior photos. Plus it would be really cool to bring my tripod next time to get some interior shots. I obviously had my camera with me when we went but some of the halls and rooms are so dark that unless you want a photos that’s all noise you really need to do a long exposure.






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