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Eight Minute Empire Preview!

Eight Minute Empire is an area control game designed by Ryan Laukat that has the perfect balance of lightness and depth so that it can be enjoyed by gamers of all types.
Each game plays in fifteen to twenty minutes and is a mix of set collecting cards for points and spreading out your armies to control countries and continents.

On a player’s turn they must buy a card from the line-up and then use the action on the card. Actions consist of things like, moving an army, placing a new army, placing a city, or even removing an opponent’s army.
Where it gets tricky is that each player has a set amount of money they can use throughout the game. They never get more! This means that players must choose when is the exact best time to buy a card. Do you take the first card for free so you can save your cash? Do you pay two gold to buy a card that has an awesome action or do you spend even more money because collecting the card type will give you more points at the end of the game?
Set collecting is all about what you collect. Carrots aren’t worth much and if you have seven of them you only get three end game points yet if you have three gems that’s worth the exact same amount.
To keep the game fresh, Eight Minute Empire has bonus tokens that can be randomly placed on the map and it even comes with additional maps!
Eight Minute Empire is a lot of fun packed into a quick little package!