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San Jacinto Monument!

A few weeks ago we visited the San Jacinto monument. The only reason I knew the monument existed was because when I flew home in January I saw it from the airplane.

The monument, which was built back in 1939, is taller than the Washington Monument and was constructed in honor of a big battle that took place in the 1800’s.

The time of day we went and the lighting was really funky but that’s ok because it’s on my list of places that I want to visit again to take a nice twilight photo.

Inside the monument is a museum with tons of odd panoramas and memorabilia from the 1700’s and the civil war.

From the top of the monument you can see The Battleship Texas, which we also visited.

Unfortunately though, the rest of the view from the monument is nothing but chemical plants.

Pasadena, TX, where the monument is located, is one of the most industrialized parts of Houston. ¬†Thanks to Lisa I’ve seen a lot of chemical plants and I’ve never seen an area so dense with them.