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Council of Verona Preview!

Council of Verona is a fun micro deduction game designed by Michael Eskue and published by Crash Games.

In Council of Verona, players take turns playing characters and either adding them to The Council or putting them into Exile. Some characters have special powers while others have agendas. If the agendas are met then at the end of the game they score points.

Agendas are super simple to understand. For example, Juliet will score points at the end of the game if she is either on The Council with Romeo or in Exile with Romeo.

In many ways, Council of Verona is a gambling game because each player has a set number of tokens they can place on an agenda card. The tokens go face down so that the other players don’t what you’ve bid.
So in the case of Juliet, if I was trying to be sneaky I could place my “0” point token onto her so that the other players will think I’m trying to get the couple together, but in actuality I’m trying to set up the other players so that they will waste their own tokens while I’m busy scoring a different agenda.

Council of Verona is a tight micro game that is easy to carry around in your pocket. If you’ve not checked it out then make sure you do so cause it plays fast and is a lot of fun.







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