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Fantasy Frontier Preview!

Fantasy Frontier, designed by Michael Coe and published by Gamelyn Games is a tactical pattern creation game that uses a mix of euro style worker placement and pure ameritrash battles!

Players in Fantasy Frontier control a Zeppelin and its crew. Their goal is to score victory points and the most common way to do so is by creating patterns out of environmental tiles. This is mostly done through exploration but can also be completed by firing on the land, destroying it, and then replacing it with a new tile.


Actions are taken by placing crew members on specific Zeppelin stations. For example if you wanted to move the ship you would need to have someone at the pilot station or if you needed to search for new tiles you could have a crew member assigned to the scout station.

By the end of the game, the play area becomes a beautiful mix of colors and is a real mind bender when trying to figure out if a pattern has been successfully completed or not. Because spacial reasoning and pattern recognition is so important to gameplay, Fantasy Frontier has the potential to be a thinky game without the weight or pressure of a full Euro like Agricola.

One of the main things players will do throughout the game is gather resources. They do so through dice rolling and the resources can be used to take extra actions, used to mitigate dice rolls, or even spent to build cities. Although these seem like minor things, they really give players meaningful choices to make.

If players are feeling a little more confrontational, the Zeppelins do have guns and victory points can be earned through battle. When attacking a player can damage a station on their opponent’s ship or even target and try to destroy some of their resources.


Fantasy Frontier is a smart and no two playthroughs are alike. If you want to pick up a copy you can do so from Game Salute!