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Tomorrow Pictorial Preview!

Designed by Dirk Knemeyer and published by Conquistador Games, Tomorrow is all about social interaction and although it may appear to be it is not in fact a “dudes on a map” type of game.

In Tomorrow you play various countries trying to depopulate the world in an attempt to prevent a mass extinction. Everyone can lose, but to win you must have more people in your country survive than any other country. It is one of those rare games that plays best at the max player count. So although it works with four players the four player game doesn’t hold equal to the six player mash-ups.

The art direction in Tomorrow is fantastic and the game not only looks sharp but has great geeky graphic design feel, which you can see in the photos below. To learn more about the game head over to Conquistador Games’ website or pick up a copy from Game Salute!