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The 1,000 Followers Give Away!

NOTE: The contest has ended and the winners are announced below!

I hit 1,000 followers on twitter today so I thought it would be fun to do a little contest.

As rewards I’ll be giving away…
Cupcakes vs. Brownies
A copy of my hot new book!  Of course if you don’t win it you can still head over to Amazon and buy a copy!

Peaberry Coffee
I’m a coffee nut and one of my favorite coffees is peaberry. So whom ever wins this will get a 10oz bag!

Sushi Go!
We’ve played a lot of Sushi Go! It’s a quick drafting game that’s great for introducing new gamers to gaming or even as a filler to play between meatier games.

Hanabi is both fun and aggravating. It’s a co-op where players hold their cards backwards thus they can see what everyone else has but can’t see what they have. It’s quick simple and easy to bust out during a lot of occasions.

To Enter:
Simply head over to Twitter and follow me! Then retweet the following message:

Follow @ScottKing & RT this for a chance to win some board games, coffee, & a book! #ScottDrinksTooMuchCoffee http://www.scottking.info/blog/2014/09/09/great-1000-followers-give-away/

I’ll pick the winners this Friday at 11:59p.m. (September 12th) So you have from now until then to follow me and get your retweet in!

I’ll cover the cost to ship Cupcakes vs. Brownies worldwide however the winners of the other prizes must be US residents.

Cupcakes vs. Brownies – @jacobjcoon
Peaberry Coffee – @chip2dmax
Sushi Go! – @BottomShelfBG
Hanabi – @watcher_969