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Flip The Table: Beakman’s World!

I listen to a slew of podcasts, but one of my favorites by far is Flip The Table. They are a group of gamers who focus on playing odd, old, or obscure games.

What sets them apart from the dozens of other gaming podcasts is production quality of their show. Not only is their audio always crisp and clean, but each episode is edited, well structured, and entertaining.
Being a big fan, I’ve been wanting to contribute to the show. Since the cast is in Maine and I’m in Texas I knew there was no chance of weaseling myself into an episode, so I figured the next best thing was to find a game that could appear in one.
For many many months, Lisa and I scoured thrifts shops looking for a magical gaming gem. Finally, on a hot July day, on our way back from crabbing we found Beakman’s World: Beakmania! I bought the game. I sent it to Flip The Table and luckily they deemed it worthy of appearing in an episode.

Check-out the episode here: http://tableflipsyou.blogspot.com/2014/10/episode-64-beakmans-world.html