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National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day (the book) is the definitive guide to celebrating National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day (the holiday).

Celebrated on August 15th, or the weekend closest to it, National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day is about good food, spending time with friends or loved ones, games and of course unspeakable horrors.

What is in the book?

  • A short story examining the origin of the holiday.
  • Six newspaper articles explaining the founding of the holiday.
  • Suggested activities for celebrating the day.
  • Seven Traditional Recipes (including Meatballs & Spaghetti).
  • Gaming Guide and tips for running a game night.
  • Tons of secrets for you to unravel the truth behind the holiday.

National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day will be launching on Kickstarter on April 13th. Leading up tot he launch I’ll be sharing the full cover, sneak peaks at the recipes, and other eldritch things so mark your calendars cause if you forget to get a copy you’ll end up feeling embarrassed when everyone else is enjoying the world’s most cosmically horrible holiday and you aren’t.

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