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Baby Squirrels!

On Saturday I was in my office working when I noticed that all four of our pets had gathered at the back window (2 cats & 2 dogs). They all seemed to be pretty excited. I went to investigate and saw that a baby squirrel was sitting on the outside of the window ledge.

I quickly grabbed my camera and ran outside to discover that there were a total of three baby squirrels. They were just hanging out climbing the back brick wall of our house and rolling around in the grass. They were barely bigger than my hand and soooo stinking cute!

I was with them for about a half-hour before they started to get sleepy. One even fell asleep while hanging onto a brick and just hung there like a sloth. Eventually it woke up and all three crawled under our shed. I got a flashlight and saw that the momma squirrel was underneath. They cuddled with her and have been in there chilling ever since.