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The Eye of Hastur!

Want a copy of my next next book, “The Eye of Hastur?” Anyone who backs National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day (NCESD) will get a free e-book copy!

The Story of the Book:

The Eye of Hastur takes place several years after the events of NCESD. In it a secret cult is doing their best to summon The Yellow King, a dark avatar for Hastur, one of the Great Old Ones. Only YOU can unravel the  mystery and stop The Yellow King from sending the entire world into madness.

The Story Behind the Book: 

After editing NCESD, I was really inspired by the people and setting. I wanted to play in the world. The problem is that the characters from NCESD are real people and writing a story about them felt weird. So to honor the meta-ness of NCESD I decided to an interactive novel was the way to go and that’s how The Eye of Hastur was born.

Now I love the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books. I grew up on them. That being said I’m not a fan of their randomness or how arbitrary decisions can lead to an unpredictable death. That means I’ve structured The Eye of Hastur more like a modern videos game. A good example would be The Walking Dead game published by Telltale Games or The Mass Effect series from Bioware.


Of course you can’t forget your roots so in preparation I spent a lot of time reading a bunch of the classic CYOA books but also delved into the larger world of gamebooks, including a few modern ones. You can see about half of the books I read as research in the photo above.

Right now I’m wrapping up re-writes of The Eye of Hastur and will give it to beta readers on Friday. The plan is to release it simultaneously with NCESD this summer. Please note that the cover mock-up seen above is just a mock-up. The cover artists turned in concept sketches last week and is only just starting to draw the cover now. Once the final artwork is done I’ll share it!


As excited as I am about National Cthulhu Eats Spaghetti Day I’m even more excited about The Eye of Hastur. I think a lot of people are not only going to enjoy the dark adventure but will have many scares along the way.

On a side note: To those of you who are already backing, thank you so much for believing in this project.