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Mega Civ!

When I was in Dallas I got to try out Mega Civilization. It’s a huge $200+ game that comes in a big 30lb wooden box. It plays up to 18 players and takes a good 8-14 hours to finish depending on the player count.
We did a 10-player game and it took about a half hour to set it up. Upon first reaction I wasn’t impressed. For such an expensive game the production value of the components was pretty bad. I expected wood bits or better art or something other than bland generic punchboard pieces.
It did come with overside cards that were nice and the board was huge (apparently in a full 18 player game the board is twice as big). But still for $200+ I had expected thicker cardboard or something.
As for the game itself, we played for about three hours and forty-five minutes. We had reached the halfway point in terms of rounds, but because round length was getting longer we were only about 1/3rd of the way through the total game in terms of real time.

Gameplay itself was pretty darn simple, though it took a few rounds for it to click with everyone. After that though, things went smoothly. I had expected a war game, but it really is much more about social interactions and trading than battles.
It was a neat experience getting to try Mega Civ. That being said, I’m soooo not the kind of person who can play a game for 10+ hours. Even the almost four hours that we played passed my limits. I don’t have patients for something that goes on for so long. That being said, that’s more of a personal taste thing and we did play long enough that I can respect why gamers who love Civ do enjoy it. So I’m really glad I got to try it out and see what all the fuss was about and I gotta say a special thanks to James from the Nerd Nighters for taking the time to teach and moderate the game.