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Creators Appreciation Day!

Chip Beauvais, a twitter friend of mine, started something called “Creators Appreciation Day.” It’s the first weekend in March and participate you are supposed to pick three things you enjoy, songs, podcasts, books, movies, apps, recipes, etc… and write a review for them on Amazon, iTunes, youtube, boardgame geek, Goodreads or on whatever site is appropriate. Then you are supposed to share your review with your friends and on social media, being sure to tag the creator.

It’s important to know that its not about money or sales. Thats why the emphasis of Creators Appreciation Day is on the review. For indy creators, reviews are way more important than sales. Reviews make a book, podcast, and just about anything on the internet appear viable. So leaving reviews for creators is one of the best things you can do to show your support.

If you want to participate in Creators Appreciation Day, and you totally should. The are the official rules are posted below.

Check out Creators Appreciation Day!

On the first weekend in March 2016…

  1. Pick three things you enjoy that were created by someone (songs, podcast, game, movie, app, recipe, etc.)
  2. Let the creator know how much you enjoy that thing (rate it on Spotify, write a review on iTunes, become a fan on BoardGameGeek.com, write a YouTube comment, rate it in the app store, tweet to the creator #CreatorAppreciationDay , become a facebook fan, write a review for Amazon, comment on their kickstarter campaign, etc.)
  3. Share with your friends either in person (schedule a Show and Tell party where you take turns sharing your favorite music, or playing your favorite game) or on social media.
  4. Discover new creators that your friends recommend.

Rules (ok, guidelines):

  1. This is not about money. It’s great to financially support your favorite creators via crowdfunding, patreon, buying products, etc. But this is about expressing appreciation.
  2. Focus on living creators. Let’s appreciate people while they are around to enjoy it.