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5 Day Novel!

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I’m aiming to write a 50k-ish novel this week. That’s from concept to polish with at least two re-writes built in.

I have no idea if I will be able to do it. I’m a bit nervous. I’d like to do it secretly and not tell anyone so if I fail then no one will know. However I feel like that is cheating. So I’m making it public.

Right now I know that the book will be thriller. It will most likely be an action thriller. I know I want the protagonist to be an FBI agent, outside of that I’ve not done any planning. I’ll figure that all out tomorrow once I officially start working.

I have spent the past week researching the FBI, gun types, jurisdiction between Feds and police and those kinds of things. Just to make sure I know enough to write competent characters. I have not done any story or character planning yet.

I’ll TRY to put an update here everyday, though they may be short ‘cause I’m going to be a bit busy. Plus I’m going to unplug my router so I will avoid social media and the web in general. They can be a bit of a distraction. But every night or maybe when I do my daily walks I’ll try to post updates!