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5 Day Novel: Day 1!

5day novel day 1
I’ve decided to write a novel in 5 days. Not a first draft, but a completed novel from concept to polish with rewrites included!

Today was all pre-writing…

At the start of the day I had no game plan for what I would be writing this week other than it would be an action thriller. After staring at computer paper with sketches and strange lists, I officially know what I want this book to be.

I wrote my pitch for the book, a rough outline, did character arcs, did a detailed outline, did some research, did a final outline. So I think I’m ready to go for tomorrow.

I’m really tempted to share the pitch but the book took a more character route structure then pure action and it will touch upon themes that are sensitive. So I don’t want to share the details until I get further into it since things may change. I will say that the protagonist is an FBI agent living in Washington, D.C. and there mix of politics along with the action.

Tomorrow is going to be the hardest day physically. I’m going to try and get 50k done or at least the full first draft. That may end up being 44k or 51k. I won’t know till I get there. Lisa is requiring that I take breaks to get up and move and still do at least a daily three mile walk. So that will cut into my writing time. Not sure how many words I can write in a single day, but I guess I will find out tomorrow. I’m hoping I can do at least 2k an hour which means that I should be able to get a draft done in like 20 to 24 hours.