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5 Day Novel: Day 2!

5day novel day 2

I’ve decided to write a novel in 5 days. Not a first draft, but a completed novel from concept to polish with rewrites included!
Today was all about the first draft…

I REALLY wanted to get 50k words done today. That didn’t happen. Apparently there is a physical limit of how many words a person can type a day. You can only type X amount of words per hour and I just didn’t keep up the speeded that I needed.
In twelve hours I hit 18,080 words. I’m feeling pretty beat and haven’t even hit the the halfway point of the novel. I’m going to take a break for dinner and then jump back in. If I push I think I can hit 24k-26k in total for the day. That’s planning for a bedtime around 11p.m.
Although today’s numbers aren’t what I was hoping them to be, it does mean I should be able to hit 45-50k tomorrow and finish the first draft. I had planned for tomorrow to be a half day of writing and a half day of re-writing, that’s impossible now.
It’s ok. I can still do this five day challenge. It just means Thursday will have to be all rewrites and then Friday I’ll focus on getting the polish done. Phew I’m feeling fried though. This fast pass process is not something I could keep up on a normal basis. It’s both physically and mentally draining and thus not sustainable.