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The Zimmah Chronicles Get New Covers!

I pulled The Zimmah Chronicles, my middle grade fantasy series, off Kobo & Draft2Digital ’cause I’m putting it in KDP Select.

I’ve been using Cupcakes vs. Brownies as a perma free, but even with 20-30 downloads a day the buy through rate has been poop. In addition on Kobo and D2D I get maybe ONE sale a month, so it’s just not worth it to be wide with middle grade books.

In addition to adding them into KDP Select, I also re-did the titles so the books look like they are part of a series. I also re-did the audiobook and box set cover so everything matches. Now I just need to wait for all the changes to be approved and go live.

Not this week, but soon I’ll re-do the print covers and I’ve hired someone to do the print-layout of the box set. So all in all The Zimmah Chronicles are starting to look sharp!