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New Orleans French Quarter!

Last year in February, Lisa and I visited New Orleans. She had spent almost two years living in Baton Rouge and she had been wanting to show me New Orleans since it’s only a four and a half hour drive from where we live in Texas.

The photo at the top is St. Louis Cathedral, in the French Quarter. We did our best to see all around the city, but our hotel was in the French Quarter so it was easy for me to get up and take sunrise and sunset photos there.

The red building is the hotel we staid in. It was BRUTALLY hard getting pretty photos of The French Quarter because every morning the streets were littered with trash, food, and vomit. Literally every morning when I got up and slipped out to take photos there were crews not only cleaning the streets but power washing the walls of buildings!

This is Royal street. There were tons of shops and boutiques along it.

Royal street again, but a few blocks away and looking in the opposite direction.

The St. Louis Cathedral again, but this time at dusk.

One of our other favorite stops in the city was Lafayette Cemetery. Here is a post with tons and tons of photos from our visit:

Lafayette Cemetery!