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Moving to Pittsburgh!

We are moving to Pittsburgh!
Lisa is a chemical engineer, which means every 3-4 years we move, because that’s just how they run things at her company. Although it has been a good run, our time in Texas has ended.

The move is political/career based. We are not choosing PA over TX. Though I am VERY excited for fall. I’ve missed fall and winter sooooo much.
Lisa’s start date at the Pittsburgh plant is November 1st. So the move will happen pretty fast, which is crazy because there is just soooo much to do before we go.
Family vacations, hurricanes, and now the move has put a bit of a crimp in my writing and publishing schedule, but the gaming calendars are still on schedule and they should be going out to backers soon. My plan is to get back to writing full time once we are settled in our new house.
I don’t have the time to make a road trip to any other Texas cities, but if you are a gamer friend, writer friend, or just a friend, I’m always free to grab a cup of coffee at Brew-n-Bake before we head out at the end of the month.
Note: I took the photo of Pittsburgh four and a half years ago when Lisa first visited the plant that will now be here plant!