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Quick Note for those who don’t follow me on social media: Lisa, myself, our house and pets are all safe. We were lucky and had no flooding in our home.

The flooding due to Harvey was unreal, like something from a disaster movie. Something so crazy that you don’t think it could happen in real life. For comparison, the Chesapeake Bay is estimated to hold 18 trillion gallons of water. Harvey dumped 27 trillion gallons of water onto Texas. That means one and a half Chesapeake Bays were poured onto Texas. That is an insane amount of water!

It’s been weeks and yet flood waters are still receding in our area. It seems almost every day new people get to return home to try and salvage what is left.

Creators Cast: T.S. Paul!

Best Selling Author T.S. Paul joins to show to talk about how over the course of eighteen or so months he went from being unpublished to having 31 books published! To learn more about T.S. Paul visit his site: https://tspaul.blogspot.com/

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