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Writing Tips on the “Finish The Script” Blog!

My blog this week has been slightly slow because I’m writing a new post every day over on the Kickstarter page for “Finish The Script!” So if you haven’t yet make sure you check those out.

CBC Interview!

The Google+ Comic Book Community Creator Spotlight interviewed me about “Holiday Wars” being in comic shops and a few other things, including my new book “Finish The Script!”

Here is a small except:

CBC: In the past year you’ve had a successful Kickstarter to get “Holiday Wars” published. Congratulations on that. Now, the book is going to be distributed to comic shops and bookstores through Diamond. “Holiday Wars” is going to be sitting on the shelf right next to Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, and Saga. What does it feel like to hit the big time?

SCOTT: Let’s be clear, the only way “Holiday Wars” will end up on shelves is if the retailers decided to order it. We are currently a staff pick in Previews for February with a set release in early April. So if anyone is reading this interview and the book sounds interesting please tell your local comic shop to order a copy. Our Diamond Previews code is: FEB131133. That being said, I’m absolutely ecstatic about being in stores. My first graphic novel was very indie and very different so it’s nice to come off of that with something that more people can relate to and enjoy.

Head over to G+ to read the whole thing.

New Kickstarter: “Finish The Script!”

My new book, “Finish The Script” is now on Kickstarter! For those of you who don’t already know, It’s the college writing class that I teach squished into book form.

I teach a lot of artist and sequential arts majors so the book is designed to be picked up by anyone, no matter what their skill level is.

A large sample chapter from the book can be downloaded from the Kickstarter page so if you are even slightly interested in writing make sure you check it out.