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Boardgame Survey!

This year I’m trying to keep in touch with my Kickstarter Calendar Backers via an email list. So last month I asked them to vote and suggest games that I should photograph for the 2018 Gaming Calendar. The photo above shows the results of the survey!

Voters got 12 votes (cause there are 12 games in a calendar) so that’s why the percents seem so wonky. It was really cool to see how things broke down and how both Scythe and Terraforming Mars were clearly the hottest games.

In “The Other” category, games got maybe one or two votes at most with the only standouts being  Trickerion and Food Chain Magnate.

Guilds of London Preview!

17 - Guilds of London
One of the hottest new releases this summer is Guilds of London from Tasty Minstrel Games! Guilds of London is an area control game designed by Tony Boydell. I got a chance to get it on my photography table and these are the results…

One Hit Kill Preview!

One Hit Kill is a humorous set collection game designed by John August & Ryan Nelson. It funded last year on Kickstarter and not too long ago I played it and photographed it! The art and graphic design is fantastic.

In the game, players build ultimate weapons to take out their opponents and its hard to look at cards like the “Most Cuddly Rabbit” and not laugh. If you are looking for something that is a light enough for new gamers or for something quick to play between larger games make sure you check out One Hit Kill.