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Radho Runs Through the 2016 Gaming Calendar!

Little known secret about Rahdo… I LOVE his videos. I used to rely on people like Rodney or Tom to teach me games, but now I get some games MONTHS before they do. Luckily Radho gets lots of prototypes and as a result he has taught me lots of games, including Aquasphere, which is mentioned in the video!

Tail Feathers Preview!

Tail Feathers is the hot new release published by Plaid Hat Games and Designed by Jerry Hawthorne. It’s a miniatures battle game and is set in the same universe as Mice & Mystics.

Last week I got a chance to drive up to Dallas and visit the Plaid Hat Headquarters. Jerry taught me the core concepts of the game and then left me alone with a special copy painted by Michael Jordal. This is what happened…